Finding Your Spirituality
Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual awakenings can sometimes be frightening if you do not understand what is happening. In this book I share my personal journey with you, as well as teach you how to be less afraid. Unlocking your spiritual gifts is nothing to fear, once you learn to embrace the gifts you have been given. So unlock that door and enjoy all the blessings coming your way! 

​"In this book, the author tackles the difficult—and often widely undiscussed—topic of spiritual and psychic sensitivity with the deeply heartfelt aim of helping others to not only understand, but make the highest and best use of, such energies in their own lives.

Heather Keay’s intention is clear in the way she discusses her personal experiences, and how she morphed from a life filled with chaotic confusion into a full blown spiritual healer. The author proves in these pages ...that she’s more than qualified to guide others through their own—often initially confusing—spiritual awakening.

In doing so, the author provides a roadmap that seemingly covers all of the highways and byways toward spiritual expansion and enlightenment, and explains how to best interpret and navigate such experiential passages with greater ease. In that sense this book is priceless—for when one needs good, solid advice and confirmation of one’s own spiritual awakening as it’s happening, there’s no better place to go than into the pages of this book!

Written with honesty and sincerity, “Finding Your Spirituality” is a book that will help you do just that, without fear, and with the grace and confidence to move forward using your inherent gifts in the most rewarding of ways."